Putting Your Strategy into Action

Putting your strategy into action is the most important thing you can do to ensure your organization successfully reaches its full potential

Just like building a house, strategy is the “foundation” of your business. It provides direction for all that you do…and don’t do.


Nearly every organizational decision you make, no matter how big or small, should be in alignment with your overall strategy

Strategy should be at the “nerve center” of your organizational decision making process. A clear and compelling strategy will help your organization to make the right decisions when navigating its path to success:


  • Who your company will serve…who your customers, partners, investors and employees need to be to help you achieve your strategic goals
  • What products and services your organization should offer…what will be the relative value proposition of your offering vs. your competition, and what features, functionality, pricing and service levels will you deliver on
  • When your organization should act upon new growth opportunities which may extend customer reach, enhance your portfolio or change your business model…and when build, buy or partner is the right option
  • Where your company will stake its claim…where to focus your efforts, on which specific markets, where you will demonstrate a distinct competitive advantage
  • Why your customers, partners, investors and employees should believe in your business…why they should invest to assist your organization in achieving its full potential
  • How your organization will become truly unique…how you will leverage your distinct assets and capabilities to secure a sustainable competitive advantage and generate consistent, profitable growth

Properly implemented, strategy is the single most powerful tool to unleash your organization’s full potential

Building an excellent strategy is critical to success, but that alone is not enough. You’ll also need to “put your strategy into action” by implementing it rapidly and systematically throughout your organization. Aligning your company behind its strategy will provide clarity of purpose, powerful focus and tremendous efficiency.


Companies with well developed, effectively executed and clearly communicated strategy have been proven to outperform their peers and deliver superior financial results

Developing an integrated and coordinated messaging campaign will allow your organization to evangelize its strategy to those who matter most – your key stakeholders. The more they know about where your company is headed and the deeper their understanding of how it will get there, the more confidence they will have in your ability to succeed.

Analysts are far more willing to promote and investors more willing to invest in companies that have a clear path to success and one that it easily understandable. Also, employees are far more motivated and productive if they understand how the work they are doing ties into and contributes to the overall strategy. Finally, customers and partners naturally want to do business with a company they believe will succeed.

Strategy in Action is here to help your company achieve its strategic goals and objectives, outperform competition and deliver superior financial results to your key stakeholders. We look forward to the possibility of working with you!