Core Beliefs

Strategy in Action was founded upon three core beliefs:

Business is in an era of “transformational” evolution

There are host of factors converging upon business simultaneously today, affecting companies large and small, in B2B and B2C, in multiple industries.


The magnitude of impact each of these factors has on business, compounded by the sheer volume of simultaneous change, is making it harder than ever for companies to survive – much less thrive – in this tumultuous environment.  In this era of “transformational” evolution, companies are finding they need to develop a clear strategic lens with which to view and respond to opportunities and challenges, so they can overcome tough obstacles and capture new opportunities.

Strategy in Action can help your company thrive in the current business environment, as well as successfully position itself for future success.  

Well developed and executed strategy is the only path to achieving lasting business success

In bracing for revolutionary change and transformation, having a well developed and executed strategy is the difference between corporate life and death. Companies which fail to plan…ultimately plan to fail. Strategy is the single most important weapon in your arsenal to ensure you company becomes the master of its destiny, rather than a victim of circumstance.


It has long been proven through many studies by noted academic organizations that well developed and clearly communicated strategy has a dramatic impact on financial success.  A solid and well executed strategy can uniquely leverage your company’s assets, capabilities, knowledge and resources towards effective achievement of the goals of the organization.  And clear and effective communication of your strategy will empower and energize key stakeholders to support and advocate your business.

Strategy in Action can help your company become a master of its own destiny, and ensure it achieves its full potential. 

Given the magnitude of complexity and challenge companies are facing today, now more than ever, they need guidance to help navigate their path to success

With limited resources and an overwhelming number of priorities, not all companies have the internal bandwidth or intellectual capital necessary to develop a winning strategy.

Strategy in Action helps our clients navigate the entire strategy process from start to finish: developing a blueprint to architect your company’s success, efficiently executing the plan in coordination with your organizational leadership and ensuring your messaging is effective to key internal and external audiences.


We have a strong track record of success…helping our clients identify new opportunities, achieve profitable growth and regenerate and renew their business models for long term, sustainable success.  In addition to improving top line performance, we are also adept at impacting bottom line performance – quickly determining the root causes of weak operational execution and creating unique and innovative solutions to improve your operations with measurable impact and quantifiable results.  Our experience ranges from organizations of various sizes, at different stages of the business lifecycle, with B2B and B2C business models in multiple industries.

If you have any questions regarding what Strategy in Action can do for you, please contact us for a free consultation.