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Strategy in Action is a global strategy consulting firm, helping our clients find their own unique path to competitive differentiation, profitable growth and sustainable financial success


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“I enjoyed working with Angelique and have found her to be one of best professionals in leading a company through a process of coming up with a strategic direction. She brought a fresh approach to our strategy definition process and created a very good balance between our traditional internal messaging and the external value-add view.”

“Angelique…demonstrated a thorough understanding of the critical business issues and executed in a timely manner.”

“Angelique is an energizing strategist and leader, who quickly identifies areas of opportunity and applies strategic theory, structure and process to drive results. Angelique is also excellent at building consensus around the strategy with the Leadership team/Business Owners that she supports, working towards a full communication and execution plan.”

“It was exclusively with the assistance of Strategy in Action…that AIC will be able to experience growth in membership and sponsorship. I would highly recommend Strategy in Action as a resource for any entrepreneurial venture.”

“Without reservation, I would recommend Angelique for any complex program or international assignment. I have every confidence in her ability to produce results in situations where I am sure the vast majority of others would fail.”

“I would recommend Angelique to any company looking for a strong business negotiator.”

“Angelique is an exceptional leader, communicator and strategist. She understands the criticality of effective communication in achieving objectives and executes to that end. In addition to managing teams well, Angelique collaborates across the organization and with executive leadership to drive desired results.”

“Angelique is a highly efficient project manager who really knows how organize tasks and people in order to get things done...she took on a major product launch that was seriously at risk of "falling off the rails" and put it back on track for success within a very brief period...a real leader!”